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I’ve been a writer for nearly twenty years. I started out in newspapers and eventually spent several years as a nationally syndicated children’s TV critic. I’ve also been a music critic, hockey reporter, education reporter, travel writer, and lots more, but the one thing I love to write about more than anything is history. I’m thrilled to be writing books for Atombank’s Big Biography series. Did I also mention I spent many more years as a stand-up comic touring the country? Yep, did that, too. So, I’m thrilled to be writing funny picture books and joke books for Sterling Children’s Books.

I make my living editing fiction and nonfiction for New Author Editing, so I find it a refreshing change of pace to be on the other side of the page creating sentences instead of fixing them.

While I mostly write children’s books, I also write for adults and have published several short stories. I’m a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators and the Glens Falls Writers Group. (Bio via

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