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Judi Abbot

hello! I’m judi, I am italian but I’ve been living in London for a while now, also if I still have my strong Italian accent! I love to work with publishers all over the world -my first ever book was with a Korean one- to organize workshops in schools and bookshops, and of course to be an octopus mum always running after my boys!

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I Love Dad book

being an illustrator

I studied art in Milan, but I didn't know what to do after the school. I knew I wanted to drawn and paint, and then I discovered by chance a children book illustrations exhibition and I loved it! Since then I didn't think at the books world as a business, and that being an illustrator could be a job. So I decided to attend a two year school with a degree in illustration, and then I started working and entering tiptoed in this magnificent world. If I think about it now, after all these years of hard work, beautiful published books, I feel quite proud of myself!:-)

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I Love Dad book
dads · parents · love
I Love Dad
moms · parents · love
I Love Mom
Snow Kisses book
kisses · snow · animals
Snow Kisses
Hugs and Kisses book
valentines · kisses · animals · hugs · family
Hugs and Kisses
The Perfect Hug book
animals · bears · hugs
The Perfect Hug
Train! book
trying new things · trains · elephants · making friends
The Biggest Kiss book
kisses · elephants · water
The Biggest Kiss


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