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Originally from Germany, Jutta Hilpuesch is an artist, illustrator, and photographer living in a Northern suburb of Chicago. She specializes in whimsical mixed media illustrations, combining minimalist line art and photography. She graduated with a degree in business, worked as a Marketing manager for one of the largest candy companies in Germany, and ran her own jewelry design business before discovering her passion for illustrating. Jutta is the creator of a beloved miniature-sized character named Amelie, who has become an Instagram favorite for many.<br/><br/>Jutta Hilpuesch is married, has 3 children, and a golden retriever, Bo. She loves late night comedy, fuzzy socks, and sometimes bakes just to eat the cookie dough. Her dream home would be located in a no-freeze zone and would come with a self stocking fridge and a laundry wizard. Follow her on instagram @happydaysfactory

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