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Kathleen Doherty has taught elementary school for over 30 years in Chicago. She’s a Reading Specialist and an Educational Specialist in Curriculum and Instruction who enjoys writing humorous stories and reading aloud to kids. Her work has appeared in <i>TIME </i>magazine, <i>The Mailbox</i>, <i>Highlights for Children</i>, <i>Highlights High Five, Highlights HELLO, </i>and <i>Spider Magazine</i>. She has won the <i>Highlights</i> Pewter Plate Award, the <i>Highlights</i> Celebrate National Poetry Contest, and a letter of merit from SCBWI’s Magazine Merit Competition. She currently lives in Schererville, IN.<br /><br />Chip Wass is an award-winning artist who designs characters and illustrations for Disney, Cartoon Network, <i>The New York Times</i>, ESPN, and Wendy’s. His previous books include <i>Monster Knows Patterns</i>, and <i>Monster Knows Numbers</i> (Picture Window Books). Chip lives in Baltimore, MD. Learn more about chip at

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  • With love to Paul, Mom, and Kim . . . who never stopped believing.
    Don't Feed the Bear

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