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Lori Degman is the author of <i>1 Zany Zoo </i>(Simon & Schuster), <i>Cock-a-Doodle Oops! </i>(Creston Books), <i>Norbert’s Big Dream </i>(Sleeping Bear Press), and the upcoming <i>Like a Girl </i>(Sterling). Lori was a teacher of deaf and hard-of-hearing students and is now a full-time author. She lives near Chicago, IL, with her husband, two grown sons (when they come to visit), and pets.<br /> <br /> Victoria Tentler-Krylov grew up in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and studied architecture and urban design at Cooper Union and Columbia University. Victoria’s artwork has been published by Pink Giraffe Books in Russia and by <i>Spider</i> magazine, <i>The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, </i> and <i>Flutter Magazine</i> in the US. Her first book, a picture-book read-aloud of <i>Peter Pan</i>, was published by Quarto. She lives with her family just outside Boston, MA. Visit Victoria online at

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