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Lucy Cousins


Lucy Cousins is the creator of the beloved Maisy series. She is also the author-illustrator of the widely acclaimed Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales, a New York Times Book Review Best Illustrated Children’s Book of the Year, as well as I’m the Best, Hooray for Fish!, Hooray for Birds!, and a picture book series about Little Fish.

Maisy's Ambulance
Maisy's Recycling Truck
Maisy's Snowy Day
Maisy's Circus Show
Maisy at Work
Maisy's Town
Maisy Goes on a Nature Walk
A Good Place
Little Fish's Ocean
Maisy's Chinese New Year
Maisy's Garage
Maisy's Surprise Birthday Party

Most Popular Lucy Cousins Books

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    Lucy Cousins
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    Hooray for Fish!
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Book Stats


All Lucy Cousins Books

2023Maisy's Ambulance18
2023Maisy's Recycling Truck18
2022Maisy's Snowy Day32
2022Maisy's Circus Show10
2022Maisy at Work20
2022Maisy's Town20
2022Maisy Goes on a Nature Walk32
2022A Good Place40
2022Little Fish's Ocean10
2022Maisy's Chinese New Year32
2021Maisy's Garage10
2021Maisy's Surprise Birthday Party32
2021Maisy at the Farm16
2021Maisy's Moon Mission10
2021Happy Birthday, Maisy16
2020Maisy's Construction Site8
2020Let's Play Monsters!40
2020Maisy Gets a Pet32
2020Letters from Maisy32
2020Maisy's Animals: A First Words Book20
2020Maisy Explores: A First Words Book20
2020Shapes with Little Fish18
2019Maisy's Christmas Party32
2019Colors with Little Fish24
2019Maisy's Preschool16
2019Swim with Little Fish!8
2019Maisy Goes to a Show32
2019Maisy at Home: A First Words Book22
2019Maisy's Day Out: A First Words Book22
2019Maisy's Farm16
2019Little Fish and Mommy22
2018Hooray for Birds!34
2018Maisy's House16
2018Count with Little Fish22
2018Where Is Little Fish?16
2018Maisy Goes to a Wedding32
2018Maisy Goes to the Local Bookstore32
2018Splish, Splash, Ducky!40
2017Maisy Goes On a Plane32
2017Beep, Beep, Maisy!16
2017Maisy's Sailboat18
2017Maisy's Bus18
2017Maisy Goes Swimming16
2017Hooray for Fish!34
2016Maisy's Christmas Presents16
2016Maisy Goes on a Sleepover32
2016Maisy Goes to London32
2016Maisy's Field Day32
2015Maisy's Digger18
2015Maisy's Race Car18
2015Maisy's Plane18
2015Maisy's Tractor18
2015Count with Maisy, Cheep, Cheep, Cheep!32
2015Maisy Learns to Swim32
2014Maisy Goes to the City32
2014Maisy Goes to the Movies32
2014Maisy Plays Soccer32
2013Maisy's First Numbers14
2013Maisy's First Colors14
2013Maisy Grows a Garden16
2012Maisy Goes on Vacation32
2011Maisy's Wonderful Weather Book16
2011Maisy's First Clock16
2010Where Does Maisy Live?12
2010Where Are Maisy's Friends?12
2010Where Is Maisy?14
2010Maisy Goes to Preschool32
2010I'm the Best32
2009Maisy's Snowy Christmas Eve30
2009Sweet Dreams, Maisy32
2009Maisy's Toys / Los Juguetes de Maisy16
2009Maisy's Animals / Los Animales de Maisy16
2009Maisy's Clothes / La Ropa de Maisy16
2009Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales128
2009Maisy, Charley, and the Wobbly Tooth32
2009Maisy Goes to the Museum32
2009Maisy Goes to the Hospital32
2009Maisy Goes to the Library32
2009Maisy Goes Camping32
2009Maisy's Fire Engine16
2009Maisy's Train16
2002Maisy Makes Lemonade24
2002Maisy's Pool24
2002Maisy Cleans Up24
2001Maisy's Morning on the Farm24
2001Doctor Maisy24
2001Maisy at the Fair24
2001Maisy Goes Shopping24
2000Maisy Takes a Bath24
2000Maisy Drives the Bus24
1999Maisy Dresses Up24
1999Maisy's Bedtime24
1999Maisy Makes Gingerbread24
1991What Can Rabbit Hear?


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