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Lucy Dillamore

Hello there! I’m an illustrator / author living in Lincolnshire, UK.

My debut picturebook ‘Nipper and the Lunchbox’ (Child’s Play) was published in the UK, USA and Australia in 2018. The book also has two co-editions (danish and dutch) and features in the 2018 Peters’ calendar.

In 2014 I achieved a first class degree in Ba(Hons) Illustration at Norwich University of the Arts. From a young age have always loved drawing and in that same year I decided to follow my passion for children’s books and apply for a place on the prestigious MA Children’s Book Illustration course at Cambridge School of Art where I graduated from in 2017.

My work is full of painterly shape and colour bought together by drawn line. I often work in gouache, watercolour paint and pencils and ink. I love creating characters (especially animals!) and conveying gentle humour.

In my spare time I love travelling, instagramming, watching 80’s movies and going for walks around the lovely Lincolnshire countryside.

I am represented by Caroline Walsh at David Higham Associates

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Nipper and the Lunchbox book

Did you always want to be an illustrator?

"When I was at primary school I had actually always longed to be an animator for Disney! Spoiler, I am a massive Disney fan! As I got older I realised that actually animation itself is very different to the things I enjoyed such as drawing, storytelling and creating characters, and you need a lot of patience to be an animator! I realised Children's Book Illustration was much more fitting for me and decided I wanted to be an illustrator.

In my teens I attended a grammar school with lots of my peers pursuing careers in law, medicine, teaching etc. I was strongly advised by various people that Graphic Design was the way to go for me as it's better money (apparently) and I'd have more chance of getting a job in that field. So I applied for a graphic design degree and my heart was just not in it. I soon realised this and decided to switch courses and I'm so pleased I did! If I was to give my past self any advice I would say listen to your gut as you only live once and you're not going to do well in something if your heart isn't in it.



How did you go about developing your personal style?

After completing an undergraduate degree in illustration at Norwich University of the Arts, I decided that I was going to follow my childhood dream and pursue a career in children's book illustration. I applied for the MA in Children's Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art and was delighted to get a place on the course. My personal style developed from there through lots and lots of observational drawing.

Drawing from life was one of the greatest things I took from the course and something you need to keep doing if you want to develop your personal style. It's a fascinating process. Having done many sketchbooks full of observational drawing I could see my style very slowly come together. With things like how to draw eyes I learnt what felt natural for me though all of the drawing. I love looking back through my Instagram account and seeing how my work has evolved. I think you can see a lot of a person through their work and love that about illustration! Since graduating and working with my publisher Child's Play International on my debut picture book 'Nipper and the Lunchbox' my style has become more refined and considered. I think someone's personal style develops and evolves forever, I know mine is still developing now!

Who are some role models of yours in the children's book realm?

There are so many amazing authors and illustrators that I look up to! Some of my favourite role models are; Beatrice Alemagna, Quentin Blake, Roger Duvoisin, and M Sasek.

If you weren't a children's book author/illustrator, what would you do?

I would hope I would be doing something 'arty' or design lead! When I started my degree at NUA in Norwich I actually started on the Graphic Design course, so perhaps I would be a graphic designer! My heart was all about illustration so I was lucky to be transferred across courses.

What do you do when you're in need of some inspiration?

Some of my inspiration go-to's are my collection of picturebooks, my Pinterest boards, Instagram, art events, or just taking my sketchbook out and about and drawing people.

When is your favorite time to work?

I would say mid-day as by this point I'm really getting into the swing of the day in my experience!

Outside of writing/illustrating, what activities do you enjoy?

I love travelling, taking photos, reading, watching films, playing on various games consoles and being outside!

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