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Martha Freeman

Martha worked as a newspaper reporter, copy editor, substitute teacher, college lecturer, advertising copywriter and magazine writer before finding her true calling as a writer of children's books. She has since written 31 books for children of all ages.

Fun facts: Martha has not owned a working television in 35 years.
Martha is mostly a vegetarian but makes an exception on Thanksgiving. She always remembers to thank the turkey.
One of Martha's few talents is making piecrust.
On good days, Martha writes a poem before breakfast (but after coffee).
Martha's favorite book is War and Peace. No, she did not write that one.

Most Recent Book
If You're Going to a March book


chapter Books

baking · camping · friendship
Campfire Cookies
friendship · baking · resolving conflict
The Secret Cookie Club
resolving conflict · baking · friendship
P.S. Send More Cookies

picture Books

If You're Going to a March book
activism · community · good behavior
If You're Going to a March


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