Michael E. Smith

My name is Michael and I’m a visual designer with a passion for high-quality design and a knack for branding and art direction. I first realized my love for graphic art as early as middle school and have been nurturing this love ever since. Today, I’m an expert in design, branding and visual consistency. As a member of AWeber’s creative team, I thrive on visually presenting the AWeber brand while spearheading the company’s artistic direction. It’s more than just slapping a logo on everything; small visual details can make a big difference to consumers.

That is my professional life but personally I am passionate about applying my design knowledge to being a dad. There are so many products made for our kids that are ugly or poorly designed. I wanted to create this blog to share about the quality products I have found and why I think they are amazing. There will also be how-to posts, design & photography tips as well as the occasional personal anecdote.

I am married to my beautiful wife Lindsay and we have a beautiful baby girl, Juniper. We live in the suburbs of Philadelphia where I am a full-time graphic designer. In additional to this blog I enjoy carving wood spoons in my spare time.

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Where do you find inspiration for your work as an illustrator and designer?

Observing kids is a constant and continual source of inspiration. They see life with such a fresh perspective that adults often overlook.

What activities do you and your family enjoy together?

We love to play outside, visit the zoo, and read books. Plus, let’s be honest, we love a good animated movie too!

When do you and your daughter read together?

Every night before bed.

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Eyes book
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