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Since discovering an old book in a rubbish pile when he was eight years old, Otávio Júnior has never stopped reading. Today he is a writer, actor, storyteller and theatrical producer in his hometown of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Otávio also founded the Ler é 10 — Leia Favela project, which opened the first permanent library in the favelas of Complexo de Penha and Alemão in Rio and continues to bring the love of reading to children in his community.

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Vanina Starkoff

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  • To my dearest friends who dreamt with me beyond the horizons of the window: Julia Moraes, Juliana Borel, Pedro Gerolimich, Andre Castilho, Eduardo Glitz, Carla Branco and Henrique Rodrigues. Vanina Starkoff, the beautifier of the windows. João Victor Souza, the first to see the enchanted castle.
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