Paul DuBois Jacobs

Paul DuBois Jacobs and Jennifer Swender are a husband and wife writing team, authors of many books for children, including Count 1,2,3; Subway Ride; and My Taxi Ride. Paul has also cowritten four books with legendary folk musician, Pete Seeger, including Abiyoyo Returns and The Deaf Musicians. Paul and Jennifer have appeared at Lincoln Center, The Children’s Museum of Manhattan, The Brooklyn Botanic Garden, The Virginia Festival of the Book, as well as countless schools, libraries, and museums. They live in Massachusetts.

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Whooooo Done It? book

"About" from the Simon and Schuster Summer 2018 Catalog

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animals · pets · adventure
Whooooo Done It?
Animal Inn 3-Books-in-1! book
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Animal Inn 3-Books-in-1!
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Bright Lights, Big Kitty!


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