Phil Bildner

Phil Bildner is a former New York City public school teacher and lives in Newburgh, New York. The author of many books, he speaks at numerous schools and libraries every year.

Most Recent Book
Martina & Chrissie book

"About" from the Macmillan Spring 2018 Catalog

chapter Books

sports · school · friendship · problem solving
Tournament of Champions
school · sports · problem solving · friendship
Most Valuable Players
sports · problem solving · school · friendship
Rookie of the Year
autism · friendship · teachers · problem solving · school
A Whole New Ballgame

picture Books

sports · history · biography
Martina & Chrissie
sports · baseball · travel · vacation
Derek Jeter Presents Night at the Stadium
Marvelous Cornelius book
storm · community
Marvelous Cornelius


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