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Robert Quackenbush


Robert Quackenbush, the author and illustrator of more than two hundred books for young readers, is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and also has a master’s degree in social studies and a PhD in childhood education. Quackenbush’s many books include Henry the Duck, Detective Mole, Miss Mallard, Pete Pack Rat, and Sheriff Sally Gopher. He is the three-time winner of the American Flag Institute Award for outstanding contributions to children’s literature and winner of an Edgar Allan Poe Special Award for best juvenile mystery. He lives in New York City with his wife, Margery, director of NAAP. Their now adult son, Piet, was the inspiration for many of the author’s books when he was growing up.

Henry Babysits
Sherlock Chick and the Peekaboo Mystery
Henry's Awful Mistake
Surfboard to Peril
Taxi to Intrigue
Surfboard to Peril: A Miss Mallard Mystery
Sherlock Chick's First Case
Gondola To Danger

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2020Henry Babysits48
2020Sherlock Chick and the Peekaboo Mystery48
2019Henry's Awful Mistake48
2019Surfboard to Peril80
2019Taxi to Intrigue80
2019Surfboard to Peril: A Miss Mallard Mystery80
2019Sherlock Chick's First Case48
2019Gondola To Danger80
2019Gondola to Danger: A Miss Mallard Mystery80
2019Bicycle To Treachery80
2018Henry Goes West48
2018Stairway to Doom: A Miss Mallard Mystery80
2018Express Train to Trouble: A Miss Mallard Mystery80
2018Dig to Disaster: A Miss Mallard Mystery80
2018Texas Trail to Calamity: A Miss Mallard Mystery80
1985Bicycle to Treachery: A Miss Mallard Mystery48
1960Taxi to Intrigue: A Miss Mallard Mystery80