Roy L Hinuss

Roy L. Hinuss is the authorized biographer of the Charming royal family. He is also fond of the occasional fart joke. When he isn’t writing about Prince Carlos Charles Charming’s many adventures,he can be found in his basement laboratory making batches of homemade Brussels sprout ice cream.

Most Recent Book
Prince Not-So Charming: Toad You So! book

"About" from Macmillan Fall 2018 Catalog

chapter Books

quests · boats · monsters · the ocean
Prince Not-So Charming: Wild Wild Quest
sports · silly · resolving conflict · dragons
Prince Not-So Charming: The Dork Knight
resolving conflict · rescue · princesses · dragons
Prince Not-So Charming: Her Royal Slyness
adventure · bravery · resolving conflict · dragons · silly
Prince Not-So Charming: Once Upon a Prank
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