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Sandy Barton is a retired elementary school teacher from Tonawanda, New York. She has extensive experience in dealing with leprechauns! Sandy is the author of the Leprechaun Adventure Series … Book 1- Discovery in the Woods, Book 2-Room For One More, Book 3- Leprechauns in Disguise, and Book 4- Forever Friends. She also has published The Tree, a Christmas picture book and The First Summer, a tender picture book about the difficult journey of grieving. Sandy’s first book was an adult memoir, Abjectedly Yours, co-authored by her very dear, unlikely friend, Anthony Chandor of Bath, England. Visit for more info! Mark Leiser, the very talented illustrator of Room For One More, Leprechauns in Disguise, and Forever Friends, is a part-time freelance illustrator and full-time Parts Manager at Keyser Cadillac. He lives in North Tonawanda, New York with his wife and two beautiful daughters. Mark is the co-creator of The Umbrella Man and founding member of the Buffalo-based Fairfield Press. For more info, contact Mark at [email protected]

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