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Shane W. Evans


Shane W. Evans loves to dream. First he dreamed of opening his own art studio. He did that in 2007. Shane’s books include We March; Olu’s Dream; and Underground: Finding the Light to Freedom, a 2012 Coretta Scott King Medalist. When he isn’t on the road, Shane dreams at home in Kansas City, MO. Visit him online at

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Book Dedications by Shane W. Evans

  • Thank you, God, for always showing me ways to grow. I dedicate this book to ALL of my family, and the "sweetness" they have shown me. Chocolate cupcakes for you ALL!!!
    Chocolate Me!
  • Thank God for the gift. Dedicated to my Mother Marie and Father Jackie Vance.
    Mixed Me!
  • Thank God for the gift. I dedicate this book to my family and agape love...the love that covers us all.
    Hands Up!
  • I thank God for the vision and hands to guide me. This book is dedicated to the memory of Pat Doughtery and his family, to all who graced the School of the Arts and Monroe High School, and to the city of Rochester, NY, that we all called home, the city that made "Hosea Play" and all of us play along.
    Hosea Plays On
  • Thank you, God, for the strength to see this vision through. I dedicate this book to ALL the Evans, Ciminesi, Allen, Clark, and Eastwood boys and men, to Warren, Jackie, Paul, Garie Senior, Joseph, and Old, to the fathers, uncles, grands, and great—we love you, I love you, be brave.
    Big Papa and the Time Machine