Stevie Lewis

Stevie Lewis has been living on the road in a van (she built out herself!) for the past 3 years, furthering her passion for climbing, art, and the outdoors. Striving to live simply and tread lightly on the earth, she gathers inspiration from a variety of places, be it climbing in the high desert at Smith Rock State Park, hiking and foraging for wild plants in the forests of southeastern Alaska, or sharing stories with fellow travelers around a campfire. After working for several years at DreamWorks Animation Studios, she now illustrates children's books and creates art based on her travels. Her latest illustrated work includes Prince & Knight by Daniel Haack, Lost in the Library by Josh Funk, the Finding Serendipity series by Angelica Banks, and the upcoming SUN! One in a Billion by Stacy McAnulty.

Most Recent Book
Moon! Earth's Best Friend book


chapter Books

imagination · mystery · adventure · rescue
A Week without Tuesday
writing · mystery · magic · moms · detectives
Finding Serendipity

picture Books

fact filled · friendship · the world · the moon · outer space
Moon! Earth's Best Friend
outer space · fact filled · sun · the moon · planets
Sun! One in a Billion
libraries · New York · library · lions · getting lost · mystery
Lost in the Library
diversity · love · being yourself · knights · LGBTQ · fairy tales
Prince & Knight


Josh Funk
Angelica Banks
Stacy McAnulty
Daniel Haack
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