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Tom Percival

Tom Percival is a writer, artist, video producer and musician. Tom also writes and illustrates his own picture books, including Herman's Letter, Herman's Vacation, Bubble Trouble, and Perfectly Norman. Tom lives in Stroud, England, with his partner and their two children. Visit him onlin

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Goat's Coat book

"About" taken from the Bloomsbury Children's Book fall 2018 catalog.

chapter Books

The Story Tree book
The Story Tree
The Secret Mountain book
The Secret Mountain
The Magic Looking Glass book
The Magic Looking Glass
The Genie's Curse book
The Genie's Curse
The Great Troll Rescue book
The Great Troll Rescue
The Spell Thief book
The Spell Thief

picture Books

Goat's Coat book
Goat's Coat


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Christine Pym
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