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TROY CUMMINGS has written and illustrated a pile of picture books, including <i>The Eensy Weensy Spider Freaks Out! (Big-Time!), Little Red Gliding Hood</i> (written by Tara Lazar), and The Notebook of Doom chapter book series. In addition to books, Troy’s illustrations have appeared on: <br/><br/> <b></b> Animated backdrops for an opera<br/> <b></b> A package of fish sticks<br/> <b></b> Jigsaw puzzles<br/> <b></b> iPad pop-up books<br/> <b></b> A poster warning people about germs<br/> <b></b> A poster warning people about a film festival<br/> <b></b> A cookbook for dogs<br/> <b></b> A thing for the humane society<br/> <b></b> A card game about hiking<br/> <b></b> Newspapers, magazines and greeting cards<br/><br/>He lives in Greencastle, Indiana with his wife and kids. Dig up more of Troy’s work at

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