W C Bauers

W. C. Bauers is a husband, father, publishing industry veteran, bibliophile, and popular author of children's books and science fiction. His works include the TINY BIBLE TALES and UNBREAKABLE and INDOMITABLE (THE CHRONICLES OF PROMISE PAEN).

His interests include Taekwondo, Military History, Munchkin (especially Space and Spy), small arms, and French-press brewing. He lives in the Rocky Mountains with his wife, three boys, and the best rescue in the 'verse.

Most Recent Book
Miriam and Pharoah's Daughter book


board Books

Egypt · heroes · rhyming · Christian · rescue
Miriam and Pharoah's Daughter
rhyming · lions · religious
Daniel in the Lions Den
religious · rhyming · sheep
David and the Lost Lamb
facing fears · religious · forgiveness · whales
Jonah and the Whale


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