• Abrams Books for Young Readers

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The Boy and the Sea
A Day for Rememberin': Inspired by the True Events of the First Memorial Day
Memorial Day
The Little Things: A Story about Acts of Kindness
The People's Painter: How Ben Shahn Fought for Justice with Art
Blue Floats Away
Star-Spangled: The Story of a Flag, a Battle, and the American Anthem
Willow the Armadillo
Exquisite: The Poetry and Life of Gwendolyn Brooks
Gwendolyn BrookspoetryBlack history
Cat Ladies
Bad Brows
The Welcome Wagon
Sofia Valdez, Future Prez
The Twelve Days of Winter
Mama's Work Shoes
I Am Love
Soldier for Equality: José de la Luz Sáenz and the Great War
Amelia Earhart (First Names #2)
The Perfect School Picture
The Hideout
A Book about Whales
When Sue Found Sue
How I Learned to Fall Out of Trees
More Than Sunny
Grandpa Across the Ocean
Horse Power: How Horses Changed the World
Itzhak: A Boy Who Loved the Violin
Lion Needs a Haircut
The Three Little Yogis and the Wolf Who Lost His Breath: A Fairy Tale to Help You Feel Better
This Way, Charlie
Cactus and Flower: A Book About Life Cycles
Paolo, Emperor of Rome
Things That Go Away
Anna Strong: A Spy During the American Revolution
Who Am I?
Caveboy Crush
Peanut Butter & Santa Claus: A Zombie Culinary Tale
Harry Houdini (First Names #1)
How Do You Dance?
You Are My Friend: The Story of Mister Rogers and His Neighborhood
Small World
The Cook and the King
Grandpa's Stories
A Twin Is to Hug