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Go to Bed, Goat
The Golden Acorn
how winning isn't everythingfriendship
Haircut for Lion
The Dramatic Life of Azaleah Lane
The Secret Notebook
Farah Rocks Fifth Grade
Yasmin the Zookeeper
Gabi's Fabulous Functions
Flower Girl Katie
Gracie Laroo in the Snow
The Ants and the Grasshopper, Narrated by the Fanciful But Truthful Grasshopper
On My Way to School
The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Narrated by the Sheepish But Truthful Wolf
When Eleanor Roosevelt Learned to Jump a Horse
Adi Sorts with Variables
Lucia Lacorte, Poor Sport
This Is My School
Schools Have Rules
Adi's Perfect Patterns and Loops
The Picky Eater
Movie Madness
Roller Coaster Ride
Camp Hero Double Trouble
The Horrible Hex
Lukezilla Beats the Game
May Saves the Day
Farah Rocks Summer Break
Basic Training: A Few Good Manners
The Tortoise and the Hare, Narrated by the Silly But Truthful Tortoise
Gracie Laroo at Training Camp
When Cesar Chavez Climbed the Umbrella Tree
Yasmin the Superhero
Keep It Simple, Rapunzel!: The Fairy-Tale Physics of Simple Machines
Gabi's If/Then Garden
Yasmin the Teacher
Who's Who at School
Staying Safe at School
The Lion and the Mouse, Narrated by the Timid But Truthful Mouse
My First Day at School
Yasmin the Chef
Being You
Art Queen
Campground Creature
What's That Sound, Cinderella?: The Fairy-Tale Physics of Sound
Robot Queen
Beet Juice Buddies