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Ona Judge Outwits the Washingtons
Private Eye Princess and the Emerald Pea
Thumbelina, Wrestling Champ
The Surprising World of Bacteria with Max Axiom, Super Scientist
The Whirlwind World of Hurricanes with Max Axiom, Super Scientist
Rapunzel Vs. Frankenstein
Snowboard Sham
U. S. Ghost Army
Could You Escape a Deserted Island?
Carrie and the Great Storm
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Could You Escape the Tower of London?
Katie Woo's Neighborhood
Could You Escape Alcatraz?
Buttons the Kitten
Lucy Fights the Flames
Courage on Ice
Out of Step
Balance Beam Boss
Undercover BMX
Sadiq and the Green Thumbs
Back on Track
Truman the Dog
The Golden Acorn
Escape from Alcatraz
Gray Squirrels
The Escape of Robert Smalls
Decoding Genes with Max Axiom, Super Scientist
A Refreshing Look at Renewable Energy with Max Axiom, Super Scientist
My Footprints
Beauty and the Dreaded Sea Beast
Kart Rival
Swim Or Sink
The Friendship Lie
Navajo Code Talkers
The Unbreakable Zamperini
Softball Switch-Up
Diamond Double Play
Night Witches at War
Sadiq and the Pet Problem
The Brave Cyclist
Climbing Strong
Could You Escape the Paris Catacombs?
Soccer Struggle
Bears Make the Best Math Buddies
Do Not Take Your Dragon on a Field Trip
The Night the Stars Went Out