Biting (unfortunately) seems to be a stage many toddlers go through. While we won't get into child psychology here, children's books are a great way to approach the subject in a way that's positive rather than negative and gives parents and children a shared framework they can use to discuss biting (and why you shouldn't do it!) when it situations arise. If you're looking for books for your occasionally aggressive toddler who struggles with hiting or biting, or just want to head off the issue we've compiled a list of children's books to discourage biting. This list contains books like the very popular Teeth Are Not For Biting as well as some books that are newer to the scene such as Little Dinos Don't Bite or People Don't Bite People. Since biting is primarily a toddler issue, this list focuses on board and picture books, which are ideal for those in the biting stages. Let us know if we missed any of your favorites!




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