Goodnight Moon holds a special place in the annals of children's literature—so much so that in some circles the sweet time devoted to reading bedtime stories at the end of the night is called "Goodnight Moon time". With its iconic illustrations and story rhythm, it's no wonder that parodies have begun to pop up right and left. Let's face it—these Goodnight Moon versions are nowhere near as good as the original (in our humble opinion), but we've compiled a list of the best Goodnight Moon parodies just for you. Some are classy takes on classic literature like "Goodnight Mr. Darcy." Others are funny commentaries on modern technology like "Goodnight iPad", that will be enjoyable for teenagers. A note about these Goodnight Moon parodies—they're really only "the best" if you're really into the parody topic and they're mostly for adults rather than children. As a disclaimer, we think very, VERY few of these are great books on their own merits. That being said, you came looking for "the best" Goodnight Moon parodies, so we've compiled them for you. If you're really looking for books like Goodnight Moon in terms of sweet sentimentality and bedtime story value, check out our list of Calming Reads for Bedtime:

Goodnight Moon Parodies



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