Jane Austen is one of those classic authors with an almost fanatic following (which we think she richly deserves!) If you swoon at the thought of Mr. Darcy or Mr. Knightley and feel your heart race whenever your hear the opening "It is a truth universally acknowledged..." we've compiled a list of Jane Austen inspired children's books you're sure to adore, whether you're looking to raise the next generation of Jane Austen fans or are simply looking to add to your own collection. At what age can you read Jane Austen? Jane Austen novels are probably best saved for teenagers (the specific age depending on their maturity and reading level), but these books will tell you where to start with Jane Austen is in infancy! Our list of Jane Austen for beginners include books actually about Jane Austen, such as Ordinary Extraordinary Jane Austen and Little People, Big Dream: Jane Austen, as well as Jane Austen adaptations of classics as board books, including the BabyLit series. We also venture into the realm of chapter books for elementary and middle grade readers including The Complete Jane Austen from Usborne for those readers who are ready for a little more. Without further ado, dive in and find your new Jane Austen favorite for littles and let us know of any we may have missed!

Jane Austen



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