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The Ocean book

board Books

bedtime · getting ready for bed · bunny · sleep
When the World Is Ready for Bed (padded board)
friendship · cats · playing
Big Box Little Box
Bear's Scare book
stuffed animal friends · spiders · bears · friendship · making friends
Bear's Scare
making friends · pigs · bravery · facing fears
Piggy: Let's Be Friends!
making friends · friendship · playing
When the World Is Full of Friends
babies · shoes · adventure
Baby Shoes (padded board book)

chapter Books

adventure · magic
The Lost Tide Warriors
rescue · magic
Power of a Princess
inventions · science
Ellie, Engineer: In the Spotlight
China · adventure
The Dragon Warrior
adventure · rescue
The Beast
adventure · mystery
The Darkdeep
belonging · family history
Some Places More Than Others
fall · magic · horses · princesses · Halloween · mystery
Princess Ponies 10: The Pumpkin Ghost
school · rescue · monsters · treasure · adventure
Treasure of the Golden Skull
school · superpowers · monsters · quests · adventure
Dreaming Dangerous
the ocean · rescue · adventure · magic · imagination
Bad Mermaids: On the Rocks
aliens · families · adventure · inventions
How to Sell Your Family to the Aliens
animals · magic · imagination · honesty
The Story Web
summer · police · rescue · adventure
sports · friendship · kindness · baseball
Caveboy Is a Hit!
horses · rescue · adventure · magic
The Queen’s Secret
horses · imagination · rescue · adventure
The Rose Legacy
superpowers · heroes · adventure · rescue
Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes
starting school · superpowers · heroes · adventure · rescue
Kid Normal
birds · foster kids · foster care · family
Extraordinary Birds
art · artists · math · camping · mystery
The Multiplying Mysteries of Mount Ten
famous places · mystery · adventure · history
The Ring of Honor
disabilities · summer · siblings · love
Caterpillar Summer
princesses · adventure · rescue · magic
Seeker of the Crown
friendship · magic · music · adventure
The Song From Somewhere Else
bereavement · rescue · death · friendship · coping with death · love
The Afterwards
mystery · detectives · owls · sleuthing · helping others
Wallace and Grace and the Lost Puppy
magic · unicorns · journeys · adventure · rescue
Secret in the Stone
imagination · rescue · adventure · toys
Spy Toys: Out of Control
animals · magic · imagination · adventure · rescue
Simon Thorn and the Shark's Cave
boredom · siblings · making friends · adventure
Caveboy Is Bored!
problem solving · making friends · bravery · adventure
The Adventures of Caveboy
magic · the ocean · facing fears · adventure · rescue
The Storm Keeper’s Island
outer space · aliens · rescue · courage · adventure
How to Properly Dispose of Planet Earth
horses · magic · luck · adventure
Princess Ponies 9: The Lucky Horseshoe
princesses · magic · rescue · friendship · adventure
Princess Before Dawn
unicorns · magic · rescue · adventure · courage
The Unicorn Quest

picture Books

the ocean
The Ocean
pirates · grandpa
How to Be a Pirate
lift-the-flaps · Easter
Hop Little Bunnies
female role models · biography
A Voice Named Aretha
helping others · kindness
Lola Dutch I Love You So Much
friendship · snow
Croc & Turtle: Snow Fun!
Ruby Finds a Worry book
feelings and emotions
Ruby Finds a Worry
animals · nature · fact filled · non-fiction
shoes · counting · colors · shapes · numbers
One Shoe Two Shoes
So Big! book
animals · starting school · facing fears · growing up
So Big!
nature · environment · butterfly
animals · getting dressed · choosing cheeriness
Welcome to Morningtown
Bear Out There book
bears · spiders · friendship · love · adventure
Bear Out There
alphabet (abc's) · vehicles · trucks · rhyming
Let's Go ABC!
rhyming · silly · adventure · money · pets
Baby's First Bank Heist
civil rights movement · female role models · being different · courage
Gloria Takes a Stand
alligators and crocodiles · animals · adventure · friendship
Croc & Turtle
Dragons Get Colds Too book
dragons · sickness · silly
Dragons Get Colds Too
explorers · self-discovery · being yourself · love
The Amazing Idea of You
animals · farm · making friends · trying new things
How Do You Do?
love · friendship · belonging
You Make Me Happy
Lift Every Voice and Sing book
Christian · song · African Americans · history · music
Lift Every Voice and Sing
Lola Dutch When I Grow Up book
jobs · growing up · self-discovery · trying new things
Lola Dutch When I Grow Up

Authors & Illustrators

A.F. Harrold
Aimee Carter
Alexandra Stewart
Alison Brown
Ally Condie
Anna Currey
Blake Liliane Hellman
Brendan Reichs
Brigette Barrager
Caryl Hart
Catherine Doyle
Charles Santoso
Charlotte Sullivan Wild
Chloe Ryder
Chris Priestley
Chris Smith
Daniel Egneus
Daniel Kirk
Daria Peoples
Dashka Slater
E.D. Baker
Edward Underwood
Elizabeth Eulberg
Emily Fox
Emily Gravett
Eric Wight
Gianna Marino
Gillian McDunn
Gillian Shields
Greg James
Heather Alexander
Heather L. Montgomery
Hiroe Nakata
Hollie Hughes
Isaac Fitzgerald
Isabel Thomas
Jackson Pearce
Jacob Grant
James Weldon Johnson
Jenni Desmond
Jennifer Swanson
Jessica Day George
Jessica M. Rinker
Jia Liu
Jim Whalley
Kamilla Benko
Kate Messner
Katheryn Russell-Brown
Katie Zhao
Katrina Charman
Kenneth Wright
Kevin O'Malley
Krista Van Dolzer
Larissa Theule
Laura James
Lauren DeStefano
Levi Pinfold
Mark Kurlansky
Mark Powers
Martha Mumford
Mary Lundquist
Megan Frazer Blakemore
Mike Unwin
Mike Wohnoutka
Miranda Krestovnikoff
Nick Sharratt
Paul Noth
Rebecca Roan
Renee Watson
Rhonda Gowler Greene
Ruth Lauren
Sandy Stark-McGinnis
Sarah Jane Wright
Sarah L. Thomson
Sara Palacios
Sibeal Pounder
Smriti Prasadam-Halls
Stephanie Burgis
Stephen Collins
Steven Henry
Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen
Tim Wesson
Tom Jackson
Tom Percival
Trevor Lai
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