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Founded in 1984, Orca Book Publishers is an independently owned Canadian children’s book publisher of award-winning, bestselling books in a number of genres. With over 1,000 titles in print and more than 80 new titles a year, Orca prides itself on publishing Canadian authors and bringing them to a wider market.

Orca publishes everything from beautifully illustrated board books and picture books to middle-grade and young-adult fiction. We strive to produce books that illuminate the experiences of people of all ethnicities, people with disabilities and people who identify as LGBTQ. Our goal is to provide reading material that represents the diversity of human experience to readers of all ages. Orca aims to help young readers see themselves reflected in the books they read. We are mindful of this in our selection of books and have a particular interest in publishing books that celebrate the lives of Indigenous people. Providing young people with exposure to diversity through reading creates a more compassionate world.

Most Popular Orca Book Publisher Books

My Heart Fills with Happiness book
happiness · choosing cheeriness · gratitude
My Heart Fills with Happiness
Little You book
being yourself · new babies · self-discovery
Little You
culture · family · friendship · kindness
You Hold Me Up
languages · Native Americans
Stolen Words / Kimotinaniwiw Pikiskwewina
You Can Read book
You Can Read
Hamsters Holding Hands book
numbers · counting
Hamsters Holding Hands
A Plan for Pops book
family · courage · feeling sick
A Plan for Pops
Pride Colors book
colors · LGBTQ · love
Pride Colors

Most Recent Orca Book Publisher Books

I Am Scary book
empathy · hugs · bravery · monsters
I Am Scary
travel · adventure
My Head in the Clouds
rescue · animals
Cougar Frenzy
family · gratitude
May We Have Enough to Share
chapter book
Shadow Island

Highest Rated Orca Book Publisher Books

More Than Balloons book
Unique Books for Baby Shower Gifts · love · valentines · babies · parents
More Than Balloons
This Little Hamster book
animals · colors
This Little Hamster
My Love is For You book
love · nature · animals · belonging
My Love is For You
Little You book
being yourself · new babies · self-discovery
Little You
An African Alphabet book
cheetahs · alphabet (ABCs) · Africa · animals
An African Alphabet
One Yellow Ribbon book
shapes · colors
One Yellow Ribbon
chapter book
Shadow Island

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