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The Prettiest book

board Books

animal homes · baby animals · animals
Born in the Wild
fish · nature · animals · the ocean
Nerdy Babies: Ocean
planets · sun · moon · stars · outer space
Nerdy Babies: Space
Supertruck book
trucks · superpowers · heroes · vehicles · snow
moms · valentines · working mom · love
Love, Mama
A Sick Day for Amos McGee book
100 Classic · friendship · empathy · kindness · caldecott · being nice · sick · the zoo · helping others
A Sick Day for Amos McGee
Edible Numbers book
fruit · counting · numbers · food · vegetables
Edible Numbers
Edible Colors: See, Learn, Eat book
colors · health · food · fruit · vegetables
Edible Colors: See, Learn, Eat

chapter Books

The Prettiest
hard work · environment
Stella Diaz Never Gives Up
airplanes · adventure · history · historical figures
Amelia Earhart and the Flying Chariot
adventure · America · history · based on a true story
The Unabomber
adventure · vacation · mystery
The Pennypackers Go on Vacation
detectives · adventure · magic · mystery
A Box of Bones
the ocean · history · inventions · boats
Crossing on Time
outer space · historical fiction · cowboy
Neil Armstrong and Nat Love, Space Cowboys
mystery · detectives · sleuthing · disabilities · finding your passion · being different
Worth a Thousand Words
America · outer space · non-fiction · coping with failure
The Race to Space: Countdown to Liftoff
courage · coping with failure · history · non-fiction
The Wright Brothers: Nose-Diving into History
bravery · resolving conflict · courage · bullying · school
Chadwick's Epic Revenge
love · adventure · being different
Cilla Lee-Jenkins: This Book Is a Classic
superpowers · heroes · school
The Super Life of Ben Braver
New York · rescue · mice
Raffie on the Run
being yourself · making friends · belonging
Stella Diaz Has Something to Say
pirates · historical figures · imagination
Abigail Adams, Pirate of the Caribbean
historical figures · magic · sports
Abraham Lincoln, Pro Wrestler
camping · trying new things · cats · dogs
Bad Kitty Camp Daze
adventure · secret · artists
Warrior Genius
heroes · competition · school
Recess Warriors 2: Bad Guy Is a Two-Word Word
moving · inspired by classic literature · problem solving
Laura Ingalls Is Ruining My Life
belonging · making friends · bullying
The Real Us
mystery · school · rescue · sleuthing · detectives
No Rules: A Friday Barnes Mystery
heroes · competition · school
Recess Warriors: Hero Is a Four-Letter Word
cats · school · fixing mistakes
Bad Kitty Takes the Test
outer space · imagination · adventure
Patrick Griffin's Last Breakfast on Earth
death · siblings · monsters
Zombie Tag

picture Books

poetry · activism
sports · bedtime
Friday Night Wrestlefest
choosing cheeriness
holidays · Santa Claus · Christmas
Bad Kitty: Searching for Santa
cats · food · holidays · Thanksgiving
Bad Kitty Does Not Like Thanksgiving
historical figures · biography · artists · art
Pocket Bios: Pablo Picasso
princesses · historical figures · biography
Pocket Bios: Princess Diana
historical figures · history · religious · female role models · biography
Pocket Bios: Joan of Arc
biography · history · America · historical figures
Pocket Bios: John F. Kennedy
animal homes · baby animals · animals
Homes in the Wild
explorer · fact filled · outer space · moon
Go for the Moon
summer · fruit · bugs
The Last Peach
water · trying new things · swimming
1, 2, 3, Jump!
silly · fact filled · alligators and crocodiles
The Truth About Crocodiles
I Will Be Fierce book
courage · adventure · bravery
I Will Be Fierce
costume · acting · imagination · animals
Is That You, Eleanor Sue?
Make a Wish, Henry Bear book
humor · birthdays · bears · wish · consequences
Make a Wish, Henry Bear
animals · friendship · food
What's for Breakfast?
nature · animals · elephants · fact filled
The Truth About Elephants
friendship · bears · love
Loved to Bits
important historical figures · Jewish · history · writing
Pocket Bios: Anne Frank
kindness · history · important historical figures
Pocket Bios: Gandhi
diversity · history · important historical figures
Pocket Bios: Martin Luther King, Jr.
art · history · illness · important historical figures · change
Pocket Bios: Frida Kahlo
friendship · nature · colors
So Tall Within book
based on a true story · slavery · leadership · fact filled · African American
So Tall Within
consequences · the world · problem solving · bears · animals
If Polar Bears Disappeared
family · imagination · transportation
Our Car
Spring · change · science · the world
Spring After Spring
birthdays · friendship · trees
playing · flight · toys · siblings
Tessa Takes Wing
historical fiction · science · important historical figures · America
Pocket Bios: Marie Curie
history · important historical figures · America · outer space
Pocket Bios: Neil Armstrong
history · important historical figures · science · change
Pocket Bios: Albert Einstein
pirates · explorer · history · adventure
Pocket Bios: Blackbeard
silly · history · America · acting
Pocket Bios: Charlie Chaplin
history · perseverance · being famous · civil rights movement
Pocket Bios: Muhammad Ali
important historical figures · history · activism
Pocket Bios: Nelson Mandela
historical fiction · civil rights movement · activism · important historical figures
Pocket Bios: Rosa Parks
history · historical fiction · problem solving · important historical figures · science
Pocket Bios: Isaac Newton
activism · history · important historical figures
Pocket Bios: Abraham Lincoln
history · Egypt · important historical figures
Pocket Bios: Cleopatra
making friends · moving · school · being yourself
silly · school · friendship · the world
Best Frints at Skrool
the body · interactive · problem solving
Do Not Lick This Book
non-fiction · family · animals
Hawk Rising
opposites · water · the world
Water Land
fact filled · nature · the ocean · animals
The Truth About Dolphins
Dude! book
the ocean · sharks · making friends
helping others · community helpers · news and reporting
The Breaking News
change · animals · nature
All the Animals Where I Live
bears · hibernation · non-fiction · fact filled
The Truth About Bears
animals · non-fiction · fact filled
The Truth About Hippos
boats · water · moving
Vincent Comes Home
Be Kind book
being nice · friendship · empathy · kindness
Be Kind
fish · dads · family · love
non-fiction · important historical figures · history
Pocket Bios: Coco Chanel
Somewhere Else book
travel · friendship · problem solving · facing fears
Somewhere Else
After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again) book
100 Hidden Gem · bravery · facing fears · nursery rhymes · 2019 Picture Book Summer Reading List · coping with failure · parody
After the Fall (How Humpty Dumpty Got Back Up Again)
Nerdy Birdy Tweets book
computers · birds · being different · jealousy · resolving conflict
Nerdy Birdy Tweets
disabilities · school · dogs
Hello Goodbye Dog
Little Plane Learns to Write book
trying new things · airplanes · writing
Little Plane Learns to Write
What Are You Waiting For? book
bunny · detectives · moon
What Are You Waiting For?
Noisy Night book
picture book
Noisy Night
helping others · friendship · snow · kindness · making friends
Samson in the Snow
imagination · playing · the world
cats · trying new things · playing
Bad Kitty Does Not Like Video Games
snow · trying new things · winter
Bad Kitty Does Not Like Snow
spanish · opposites · animals
Marta! Big & Small
animals · moms
Coyote Moon
wordless · fish · water · journeys
The Airport Book book
The Airport Book
Where's the Party? book
friendship · party
Where's the Party?
Ideas Are All Around book
graduation gift worthy · dogs · friendship · listening
Ideas Are All Around
moving · change · feel good
Before I Leave
being different · losing · coping with failure · bears · community · belonging · animals
Lost. Found.
Lenny & Lucy book
moving · dogs · friendship
Lenny & Lucy
Nerdy Birdy book
being nice · loneliness · kindness · birds
Nerdy Birdy
Boats for Papa book
bereavement · dads · the ocean · boats
Boats for Papa
Ben Draws Trouble book
100 Hidden Gem · teachers
Ben Draws Trouble
Special Delivery book
100 Hidden Gem · journeys · adventure · elephants
Special Delivery
Second Banana book
gorilla · banana · rescue · the circus
Second Banana
Star Stuff book
travel · adventure · stars · science · explorer
Star Stuff
Viva Frida book
Viva Frida
Tea with Grandpa book
Tea with Grandpa
Little Tug book
vehicles · boats · helping others · adventure
Little Tug
Bear Has a Story to Tell book
bears · listening · helping others
Bear Has a Story to Tell
Green book
nature · colors · rhyming
And Then It's Spring book
picture book
And Then It's Spring
Grandpa Green book
100 Hidden Gem · 2019 Picture Book Summer Reading List · grandpa
Grandpa Green
A Book book
books · fractured fairy tale
A Book
Ghosts in the House! book
picture book
Ghosts in the House!
Bad Kitty Cat book
Bad Kitty Cat
The Man Who Walked Between the Towers book
New York · caldecott
The Man Who Walked Between the Towers

Authors & Illustrators

Aaron Bagley
Aaron Reynolds
Adam Rex
Al Berenger
Amy Hevron
Angela Dominguez
Antoinette Portis
Bagram Ibatoulline
Barney Saltzberg
Bea Birdsong
Ben Thompson
Bob Shea
Brian Biggs
Brian Floca
Brigit Young
Bryan Denson
Celia Krampien
Chris Gall
Christy Hale
Dana Wulfekotte
Daniel Minter
Dan Santat
David Macaulay
David McPhail
Denys Cazet
Elizabeth Acevedo
Elizabeth Lilly
Emmy Kastner
Erik Slader
Erin E. Stead
Gary D. Schmidt
Gianna Marino
Gus Gordon
Hannah Moskowitz
Idan Ben-Barak
Jacqueline Resnick
Jake Parker
Jan Bajtlik
Jeanette Bradley
Jen Arena
Jen Hill
Jennifer Vogel Bass
Jessixa Bagley
J.F. Fox
Jim Averbeck
J. M. Brum
Joe Sutphin
Julian Frost
Julie Downing
Julie Fogliano
Katie Cleminson
Kazuno Kohara
Keith Graves
Lane Smith
Laura Vaccaro Seeger
Liam Francis Walsh
Lily Williams
Lisa Brown
Lisa Doan
Lisl Detlefsen
Lita Judge
Mac Barnett
Madeline Valentine
Mahogany L. Browne
Marcus Emerson
Maria Gianferrari
Marina Cohen
Mark Tatulli
Marsha Diane Arnold
Marta Kissi
Matt Davies
Matthew Cordell
Matt Phelan
Maxwell Eaton III
Micah Player
Michael Dante DiMartino
Mordicai Gerstein
Nan Marino
Natalie Andrewson
Ned Rust
Neil Swaab
Nick Bruel
Nidhi Chanani
Olivia Gatwood
Patrice Barton
Pat Zietlow Miller
Phil Gosier
Philip C. Stead
R. A. Spratt
Richard Jackson
Ruth Chan
Sarah Lynne Reul
Scott Campbell
Scott Menchin
Shelley Tougas
Stephanie Roth Sisson
Stephen Savage
Steve Sheinkin
Susan Tan
Teresa Heapy
Theodore Taylor III
Tim Foley
Tim O'Meara
Tommy Greenwald
Tricia Tusa
Yuyi Morales
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