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How to Put a Whale in a Suitcase book

board Books

parties · family · birthdays
All of Us
anger · growing up · feelings and emotions
I Am

picture Books

moving · immigration
How to Put a Whale in a Suitcase
magic · nature
The Magic Hour
stars · counting
Stars and Poppy Seeds
being yourself
Incredible You
rescue · grandpa · getting lost
Lost Property Office
disagreements · folk lore · competition
Two Kings
silly · rhyming · problem solving · mischief
The Wobbly Waitress
adventure · friendship · horses
The Lost Horse
picture book
J.M.W. Turner
The Mystery of the Missing Cake book
birthdays · parties · pancakes · mystery
The Mystery of the Missing Cake
Once Upon a Time
picture book
Treasure Hunt
Outfoxed book
mystery · integrity · growing up · detectives
friendship · choosing cheeriness
Melvin the Luckiest Monkey
picture book
The High Street

Authors & Illustrators

Alice Melvin
Allegra Agliardi
Andriy Lesiv
Beatrice Alemagna
Claudia Boldt
David Goodman
Emily Rand
Emma Lewis
Ian Beck
Lisa Stickley
Lizzy Stewart
Marie-Pascale Cocagne
Mark Nicholas
Nathan Reed
Raul Nieto Guridi
Rhys Brisenden
Romana Romanyshyn
Zoe Miller
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