buying Quotes

Six of the best book quotes about buying
“Sim looked at the man before him. ‘Centre-forwards,’ he remarked significantly, ‘I can buy ‘em an’ sell em’- or,′ he added, ‘I can at least sell ‘em.‘”
“This place is a toyshop, and you are toy mice. People are going to come and buy you for children, because it’s almost a time called Christmas.”
″‘What happens when they buy you?’ he asked her. ‘That, of course, is outside of my experience,’ said the elephant, ‘but I should think that one simply goes out into the world and does whatever one does. One dances or balances a ball, as the case may be.‘”
“Mark’s heart had begun hammering at his father’s first words. The mention of shooting Ben was too much. But he hardly realized he had spoken aloud the thought that flooded his mind until he heard his father’s incredulous voice, ‘Buy the bear for you? You want him?‘”
“Look here, you’re a nice chap- I don’t mind your knowing. Don’t tell, but it’s all a pretend. This car doesn’t belong to me at all, and I don’t know how to drive it. They put me here just to make people look, and then they hope they’ll buy the car.”
“She thought of all the things she could buy with it, and there were so many that she did not know which to choose. (That is the worst of a penny).”
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