Eleonora Quotes

Four of the best book quotes from Eleonora
“During the Third Crusade the Saracens attack the island of Cyprus. Eleonora, the Duchess of Eboli, is trapped in the city of Famagosta when the Saracens lay siege to it.”
“Eleonora is a more than capable fighter and gains a reputation for herself, to the point that Muley el-Kadel, the ‘Lion of Damascus,’ one of the Saracens’ finest warriors, challenges Captain Storm to a duel.”
“Eleonora accepts and defeats el-Kadel but spares his life, for Eleonora knows el-Kadel to be a valiant and honorable warrior. ”
“When the Saracens conquer Famagosta Eleonora is injured rescuing a child; Eleonora’s servant asks el-Kadel for help.”
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