giving birth Quotes

Three of the best book quotes about giving birth
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    “She dismounted, grabbed Enna’s hand so tightly that she drew blood with her fingernails, walked straight into the nearest cottage, and plopped down on a bed. Enna nodded to the startled cottage dwellers.
    ‘It’s the queen, you see,’ said Enna. ‘She’s going to have a baby in your house. You don’t mind?‘”
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    “Medea: I had rather stand my ground three times among
    the shields
    than face a childbirth once.”
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    “I’d never known it was like this for a woman. Never. We’d always been sent to Aunt Josie’s when Mamma’s time was near. We would stay there overnight, and when we came back, there was Mamma smiling with a new baby in her arms.”