granddaughter Quotes

Three of the best book quotes about granddaughter
″‘But don’t they all do these things--the young girls in America?’ Winterbourne inquired. Mrs. Costello stared a moment. ‘I should like to see my granddaughters do them!’ she declared grimly. This seemed to throw some light upon the matter, for Winterbourne remembered to have heard that his pretty cousins in New York were ‘tremendous flirts.‘”
Linnea’s relationship with Mr. Bloom is comparable to a grandfather and granddaughter scenario, sweet, encouraging and with Mr. Bloom always acting like a treasured, understanding friend as well as a teacher
“At night, he regales his granddaughter with stories of exotic places across the sea. Inspired, Alice tells her grandfather that, when she grows up, she will travel to faraway places and settle down by the sea when she grows old, just as he did.”
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