Henry De Tamble Quotes

11 of the best book quotes from Henry De Tamble
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    “This is why I love to be drawn by Clare: when she looks at me with that kind of attention, I feel that I am everything to her.”
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    “Whatever happens we both know that I live to be at least forty-three. So don’t worry about it.”
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    “That’s what I love you for: your inability to perceive my hideous flaws.”
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    “Do you love her?”
    “Very much” I’m astonished to see that tears are streaming across her face
    “It’s just that I thought maybe you were married to me.”
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    “It’s beautiful.” Clare nods, satisfied, for a moment, that her mother really did love her.”
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    “Sometimes I would give anything to open up Henry’s brain and look at his memory like a movie. I remember when I first learned to use a computer; I wanted to push my hands though the screen and get the real thing in there, whatever it was. I like to do things directly, touch the textures, see the colors. ”
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    “I keep myself busy. Time goes faster that way.”
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    “It’s funny how memory erodes. If all I had to work from where my childhood memories, my knowledge of my mother would be faded and soft, with a few sharp moments standing out.”
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    “But then I feel guilty for wanting to avoid the sadness; dead people need us to remember them, even if it eats us, even if all we can do is say I’m sorry until it is as meaningless as air.”
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    “You made it impossible for me to find you in the present; you said it would just happen when it was supposed to happen.”
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    “I stare at Clare, standing before me, and I am sorry to be here, sorry to ruin her Christmas. “I’m sorry, Clare. I didn’t mean to put all this sadness on you. I just find Christmas… difficult.”

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