Julia Jarmond Quotes

Eight of the best book quotes from Julia Jarmond
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    “Sometimes, Miss Jarmond, it’s not easy to bring back the past. There are unpleasant surprises. The truth is harder than ignorance.”
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    “I wanted to tell them, that I knew, that I remembered, and that I could not forget.′
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    “I longed for the birth, for the sensation of the baby’s head pressing down through me, for that unmistakable, pure, painful sensation of bringing a child into the world, albeit with pain, with tears. I wanted those tears, I wanted that pain. I did not want the pain of emptiness, the tears of a barren, scarred womb.”
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    “A tiny, perfect little girl. Had he been disappointed? I wondered. I wasn’t. This child meant so much to me. I had fought for her. I had not given in. She was my victory.”
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    “I sat on the narrow bed and took the Sarah file out of my bag. Sarah was the only person I could bear thinking about right now. Finding her felt like a sacred mission, felt like the only possible way to keep my head up, to dispel the sadness in which my life had become immersed.”
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    “You have to let go... you have to put it behind you...just get on with your life.”
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    “You’re playing with Pandora’s box. Sometimes it’s better not to open it. Sometimes, it’s better not to know.”
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    “Sarah. She never left me. She had changed me, forever. Her story, her suffering, I carried them within me.”