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    “Dark phrases of womanhood of never havin been a girl half-notes scattered without rhythm/no tune distraught laughter fallin over a black girl’s shoulder it’s funny/it’s hysterical the melody-lesslness of her dance don’t tell nobody don’t tell a soul she’s a dancin on beer cans and shingles
    this must be the spook house another song with no singers lyrics/ no voices and interrupted solos unseen performances
    are we ghouls? children of horror? the joke?...”
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    ″...don’t tell nobody don’t tell a soul
    are we animals? have we gone crazy?
    i can’t hear anythin but maddening screams
    and the soft strains of death
    and promised me
    you promised me...
    sing a black girl’s song
    bring her out
    to know herself
    to know you
    but sing her rhythms
    carin/ struggle/ hard times
    sing her song of life
    she’s been dead so long
    closed in silence so long
    she doesn’t know the sound
    of her own voice
    her infinite beauty
    she’s half-notes scattered
    without rhythm/ no tune
    sing her sighs
    sing the songs of her possibilities
    sing a righteous gospel
    let her be born
    and handled warmly.”

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