Miss Peregrine Quotes

Six of the best book quotes from Miss Peregrine
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    “I realized it wasn’t just my grandfather’s life that Miss Peregrine had saved, but mine, too, and my father’s.”
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    “The image was so strange, and yet it was nothing like my grandfather’s pictures. There were no tricks here. It was just a woman—a woman smoking a pipe.”
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    “This is Abraham’s grandson, Jacob. He is our honored guest and has come a very long way to be here. I hope you will treat him accordingly.”
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    “This is their home. I have tried to make it as fine a place as I could. But the plain fact is they cannot leave, and I’d appreciate it if you didn’t make them want to.”
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    “I thought I’d scared you off it. How’s our haunted mansion faring these days? Still standing?”
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    “Something had to be done, so people like myself created places where young peculiars could live apart from common folk—physically and temporally isolated enclaves like this one, of which I am enormously proud.”