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Seven of the best book quotes about novels
“A person is like a novel: Up to the very last page you don’t know how it’s going to end. Otherwise, there’d be no point in reading...”
“On one side of the road is a sheer rock-all, and on the other the two weirs, Walter and Blackaller, about a hundred yards apart. You can hear their roar long before you reach them.”
“It is about a remote rural community facing the extreme threat of a bush fire (wild fire), and the young teenager who accidentally started the fire.”
“Patricia has a rare gift to communicate with animals, and thinks she can control everything. She is popular with both animals and people.”
“The story is narrated through a French man on a visit to Kenya. The plot of the story revolves around the friendship between Patricia and a lion called King, whom Patricia raised since he was a cub.”
“It’s something between a coming-of-age novel and a timeless portrait of life in a small community. There’s a great deal of local colour, it positively drips with charm and sentiment.”
“And it was the same with his father. Paco worked more than anybody and earned quite a lot of money. The trouble was that for Doña Lola and the Leverets there were only two extremes in the village.”
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