Track Reading

Say goodbye to boring logs that detract from the joy of reading! Whatever your reader’s stage, you can track what’s relevant to them in a way that highlights their progress and accomplishments.

  • Track books, pages, or time read
  • Scan barcodes with your phone or webcam
  • Log *any* children’s book (or other reading material)
  • Rate and review books
  • Beautiful dashboards for each of your readers
  • Set personal reading goals and join challenges
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Organize Your Books

What books did your child like when they were six? We’ll create a priceless record for you automatically, and keep things organized along the way! You can also create custom collections and lists to fit your family’s individual needs.

  • Organize books into lists with one click
    (wishlists, by topic, etc.)
  • Keep track of your personal library
  • Create a priceless record of your child’s reading
  • Stay up to date on what they’re reading now and planning to read next
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Add to list
Anywhere you discover a book on Bookroo—a curated list, a friend’s collection, a series page, or more— you can add it to one of your own collections!

Follow People You Trust

A nurturing community inspires lifelong readers on their journey. Follow friends, favorite reviewers, and authors and illustrators to discover new books and connect through reading.

  • Invite and follow friends
  • Follow key voices in the book space
    including critics, authors, and illustrators
  • Discover new voices and friends
  • Designate Trusted Reviewers (coming soon!)
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Built With Families in Mind

With family-centric accounts, granular privacy controls, and mobile friendly technology, we’ve created a seamless experience that meets both kids’ and parents’ needs. Because a family that reads together is a powerful thing.

  • Flexible privacy control to make a reader’s activity private, available to friends, or public
  • Speedy account switching makes recording books for different kids a cinch
  • Mobile friendly and intuitive
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