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Rebecca Cooper

We love our one-of a kind, curated book subscription from Bookroo! Such a wonderful way to get kids excited about books and instill a life-long love of reading.

Isabel Augustin

I was so happy with the quality and care given to sending my little girl's first box. Inside was a personalized note for my little one and the books were perfect and she has been taking turns going about with one of her 3 books she received around the house. I love that how happy she has been with the selections and can't wait to see what comes next month.


I had the opportunity to learn of Bookroo subscription program and was totally impressed. So much so that I the received a box, loved the books which I reviewed, and shared the subscription plan and book quality on my blog. This makes a super nice way for aunties and uncles or grandparents to show their love on a regular basis. I highly recommend Bookroo.

Jessica Higgins

My son and I love getting this box of books every month! BookRoo really makes it special, with the personal note on the inside of the box, and fun individually wrapped books!! Our library is going in no time!! Thank you BookRoo!!

Ashley Spilik

We truly love bookroo! We got two great quality picture books and they came wrapped like gifts. I love that you get new books every month so my children will be excited every month about getting new books to read, it makes reading even more fun for them. I highly recommend this for your family and friends!

Stacie Gorkow

All kids love opening presents, but it's even better when a present arrives in the mail! If you are looking for an "out of the box" gift idea for Christmas, birthday, or new baby, this is the idea for you! I think it would make a wonderful gift for a child you love! The books arrived neatly wrapped in a box. This way you can open the box and still have your child open the books. Even though you know there are books inside it is still fun to open and see what books you were sent. I chose the two picture books package because I can use them when I substitute teach at the elementary centers. It's always good to have a book in my bag for a time filler. The two books I received are SAY WHAT?by Angela Diterlizzi published in 2011, and PENGUIN CHA-CHAby Kristi Valiant published in 2013. I hadn't heard of either book and enjoyed both of them. I happened to have my friend's three-year-old daughter at our house the day the books arrived, so I read them to her. She loved the silly animals in SAY WHAT? and the penguins who kept their dancing secret in PENGUINS CHA-CHA. Both books came from reputable publishers including Random House and Simon & Schuster. But, this service could also be a way for independent publishers and self-published authors to get their books in readers hands. I think Bookroo Book Subscriptions are a wonderful idea to share a love a reading. As a former stay-at-home mom, I would have loved this. Having this subscription meant I wouldn't have had to load the boys up to go to the library or bookstore, but we could have still added new books to our personal library every month. I whole-heartedly agree with the founders of Bookroo and believe it is never too early to start reading to a child. I absolutely believe that our three kids are bright, curious, and intelligent because I read to them every night. You will never regret the time you spent reading to your child.

Caysen Brooks

We just got our first shipment of books and absolutely love them!! Our one year old isn't able to rip the pages out which is a huge plus! Love how they come wrapped up! The books are super cute and even Halloween themed!! Highly recommend !!

Najiha Khan

Just got our first box. I loved how the books were wrapped, the personalized message on the box, the packaging and most importantly - the selection. The books were high quality and perfect. I'm looking forward to future months.

Eva Rodriguez

We got our daughter a subscription for her first birthday and we have loved all the selections we have recieved. They came neatly wrapped with a personalized note. We look forward to receiving them every month.

Alysse Stuursma

We love our books! Each month my children get so excited for theirs to come. So far, we have not put down Harry and Horsie and The Bear Who Shared :)

Lincoln Marzullo

This is such a great idea, and I believe it does inspire the little ones to want to read. It also gets you to branch out and read books you might not think to buy.

Crystal Cheney

There are not enough words for me to describe how much I love this subscription. My daughter and I are both equally excited each month to see which books we've received. And the co-founder of the company is one of the nicest people if you have any questions or anything. If you are looking for something nice for you and your child to share, sign up for this. You will not be disappointed.

Michael Ghattas

Awesome product

West Coast Accountant

The book selection is great. We are thrilled to have new books we would not otherwise have heard of.


I was excited by bookroo books arrived after we returned from our summer vacation. It was a welcome surprise, as we were all feeling the post vacation blues. My daughters were delighted to find the books beautifully wrapped, which made it feel like Christmas in July. Really! My girls were squealing with excitement. They each got one book and ripped off the lovely wrapping paper. In the box, we received two lovely hardcover picture books. Amazingly enough, we did not have either of the books. This was honestly my biggest fear- getting classic standard picture books that I have already owned for years. I was delightfully surprised. I have never read or seen either book, which made me feel like I had just been whispered a delicious secret. Hooray for great book finds.

Anne Younger

My kids were thrilled to get books all neatly wrapped for them to open and I was thrilled that there were all books we don't own already!

Rebecca West

An exciting way to add to your child's library! Our Bookroo box exceeded my expectations. Customer service is great, and shipping was fast. The quality of the books is excellent and my children love them, which is most important of all! Thanks Bookroo!

Ailee Petrovic

We absolutely love bookroo! Our first package had three adorable books, which we have been reading on repeat. The packaging is pretty and the concept is wonderful. I cannot wait to build our library with this company!

Lindsay Tolar

We love Bookroo and could go on and on with how much we love the service. I wish I had thought of this subscription service - it is genius! I love the ease of adding books to my daughter's library simply by signing up and receiving a box each month. Our first box had three books that my daughter LOVED. She didn't want to read anything else. Great service!

Risa Page

My 18-month-old loves her Bookroo delivery! We've received two shipments so far and are thrilled both with the service and the books. My Daughter is in love with books, so this is a treat for her every month and we enjoy introducing her to new stories without having to do research on which books to order. I think this would also be a great gift for expecting or new parents. Such a wonderful way to build a baby library!


I am so glad that I was introduced to Bookroo! This is a fantastic book service, and the books are quality. Customer service is friendly, and delivery time is quick. Love it!

Jennifer Hull

I am always in search of new subscription boxes and when I heard about this one I knew I had to try it out! I just received my very first Bookroo yesterday and wow I love it! It was packed up so perfectly & this months picture books are sure to make story and bed time the best part of the day! Thank You Bookroo!

Melissa McMurchy

Bookroo is an amazing book service. When I found this site I was super excited. My girls are starting to read on their own and these box was prefect for them. I was excited that you get several books in each box and my girls could share them and start to work on their reading as well. SO far each box has been great and we haven't been disappointed yet!!

Louisa Kopp

This is a great way to build your children's library and their excitement for reading! The books are quality selections and helps you discover terrific titles that you might not have found otherwise.

Carly Anderson

I absolutely love this box! So great for my little one, she has a blast opening the box each month!

Kimberly Cutler

This is such a fun subscription service! They have really got it figured out: they send thoughtfully selected books, monthly, gift wrapped, and in an adorable box. How fun is that? FUN!

Lisa Draper

Our family received a bookroo subscription as a baby shower gift, and it was FANTASTIC!!! All 3 board books were a perfect for my children. They were cute, colorful, original, and one was even highly interactive, with mustaches you'd move from page to page as you went though, encouraging even wiggly readers to participate in story time. Watching my son unwrap the beautifully wrapped books was the highlight of my day, and seeing the excitement he had to read each one right there and then made me even more excited about this company and their product. If you're struggling to find original, wonderful books for story time, or looking for a great gift for a baby shower or B-Day, bookroo is the answer!!!


Manny love box

Kelly Storek

Each time a shipment arrives, my daughter and I are smiling in anticipation. From the beautifully wrapped packages to the personalized notes to the best customer service. Bookroo nails it! Oh, and the books. I can't say enough about the books. They are SO carefully selected. The books include a range of reading levels, ideas, take home messages and I was surprised that I didn't previously own a single book of the nine I had received. So, yeah, Bookroo rocks!

Katie Wilson

We received our first Bookroo package shortly after my little girl finished potty training. She LOVED getting it in the mail and opening each book! It was the perfect gift to reward her for completing potty training. We just signed up for the 6 month membership and once again it will be the perfect thing for her at the perfect time- we are due to have a baby boy join our family in one month and we are going to pretend like he is giving her the books each month to help with the transition! She's gonna love it and so am I!

Sydney Merkley

My kids love it, such a great idea!


I love what Bookroo is doing to build a parent's library for their child, and that they are giving back to community efforts to help children's literacy. Great interactions and very happy with their selection of books!

Beth Hughes

We loved getting the package in the mail. The books were well picked out and it was fun to have them gift wrapped. The customer service was quick to answer our questions and we were very pleased with the service.

Kristy Omelianuk

Great products, great packaging, great price, and even better customer service. What a treat to get books in the mail every month. We love bookroo!!

Alison Sivek

The idea behind bookroo is brilliant! The service was great, the books arrived quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised to find them gift-wrapped when I opened the box. These fun, high quality books provide a great addition to any child's library!

Ivan Cutler

Making wonderful memories by spending time quality with your child. Bookroo sends the perfect books to read time and time again.

Ashlee Mello

Not only is the idea genius, the service is excellent. Being an avid book reader and children's literature fanatic, I was slightly worried that the books we received would not be popular, but I was completely blown away. Not only were they quality children's books from a literary standpoint, they were delivered quickly to my door making our daily reading a breeze. I would recommend Bookroo to any parent who loves to read to their children or who has children who are as fanatical about books as me. Thanks Bookroo!

Seth Van Ordern

What an awesome service! They put their heart into every package they send.


I think this is such a great idea! My daughter LOVED the books she got and they were all so beautifully wrapped that she felt like she was getting a surprise with each book she opened.