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Introducing Bookroo's New Custom Edition Children's Books

April 12, 2022
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For years, we’ve been helping families build home libraries filled with wonderful books. Now, we’re excited to introduce a new era for our book clubs: Bookroo Custom Editions.

These are terrific books we've carefully curated and would be sending anyway—because they're awesome books.

But now, they're also going to look amazing on your shelf, because we're working with publishers, printers, and designers to create custom editions of the books exclusively for our subscribers.

So you’ll love seeing them, almost as much as you love reading them!

Custom editions are available in our Board Book Club, Picture Book Club, and Junior Chapter Book Club. (Middle Grade custom editions are coming soon!)

Why Custom Books?

It's tough to improve the physical book. But we always liked a good challenge.

We believe (as we know many of you do, too) that books make the best decorations, and we like to have books in every room of the house.

What we don't love, though, is when using books as decorations gets in the way of actually reading the books.

You know what we're talking about? Like when a bookshelf is filled with books of a certain color. Or when all the books are turned with the spines facing in?

It's really hard for kids to fall in love with reading when their shelf is filled with thick dictionaries, or when they can't find a book to read because the spines are hidden.

Seeing these trends, we asked ourselves, "Would it be possible to create a collection of really amazing kids books that also looks beautiful on the shelf?"

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For over a year, we worked on a solution.

We started in the same place we've started for the last seven years: by finding really great books to send to our subscribers. But this time, once we had identified the books we wanted to feature in an upcoming box, we took it a step further.

We worked with the books' original publishers so that we could publish a custom edition of the book that is exclusively available to our subscribers.

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Our custom editions have two unique characteristics:

Coordinated Spine Designs

First, we worked with a designer to create a set of new spines for the books. These spines look fantastic on individual books while also looking like a cohesive part of a gorgeous set. Their bright colors appeal to kids and make it easy for them to find the books they're looking for. Individually each book is a gorgeous print, and together, the complete set creates a chic, stylish rainbow collection.

Uniform Heights

Once we had our books selected and the spines ready, we worked with a team of professional book makers (they used to work for Disney in its publishing department!) to ensure each book type has a uniform height: all the board books are 7 inches tall, all the picture books are 11 inches tall, and the chapter books are 8.25 inches.

Uniform heights will add an additional degree of refinement and order to your bookshelf. But don't worry, the interior pages are true to the original book! We don't add white borders or anything of the sort to make the books uniform height.

Also, with the help of our professionals, we've ensured that the books maintain nice margins and spacing to make them very pleasant for reading. They have quality paper and are hardcovers! We want these to be enduring collections that are on your shelves for years to come.

In short, these books you can judge by their covers.

Our Bookroo Custom Editions are designed to be flexibly coordinated.

What does that mean? It means that they look good in any amount, from a single book to a collection that expands month by month and year by year to create a beautiful home library for your child.

It also means keeping your books organized will now be much easier as the books look amazing without rigorously monitoring their display. Why does that matter? Because books should be read by kids. Kids should feel free to go grab them off the shelf. And since it's hard to get them back on in exactly the same order—face it, the library won't even let you re-shelve the books—our custom collection books can easily be re-shelved by kids and still look amazing, even without being in a precise order.

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One more thing we should mention: if you've missed any of our earlier boxes, active subscribers can shop for them on our site at So even new subscribers can still access the complete collection (while supplies last).

In summary: Starting in April 2022

What’s different:

  • You’ll receive custom edition books in your monthly Bookroo box.
  • These are exclusive, limited edition prints available only to Bookroo subscribers.
  • We’re working with publishers, printers, and designers to create these custom editions.
  • They feature bright spines that will make it easy for kids to find their favorite books on the shelf.
  • The books’ coordinated designs and uniform heights will make your shelf look AMAZING.
  • Plus, our updated packaging is still exciting for kids while being more eco-friendly. (While books will no longer be individually wrapped, they will come banded for protection.)

What’s the same:

  • These are the amazing books we’ve always sent, now custom designed exclusively for you and your young reader.
  • The price for current subscribers is not changing.
  • We’re still ALL about the books! No trinkets or gimmicks

If you have questions, we’d love to hear from you—shoot us an email to!

Quantities are limited, so join a club (or two or three!) today to start building your beautiful home library of children's books with Bookroo's Custom Edition Collection.

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