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    Where does Sara's father live?

  • Question 2 of 15

    Why is it called "the last doll"?

  • Question 3 of 15

    Why does Lavinia call Sara a "princess"?

  • Question 4 of 15

    What does Sara do to escape from the every day difficulties?

  • Question 5 of 15

    When Miss Minchin is upset at the end of the book for losing Sara's business, who tells her off?

  • Question 6 of 15

    What does Sara call the Large Family?

  • Question 7 of 15

    What does Becky call Mr. Carrisford?

  • Question 8 of 15

    What does Sara do for the magical person leaving things in her room?

  • Question 9 of 15

    Who sneaks into Sara's room and leaves fancy things?

  • Question 10 of 15

    How does Sara distract Lottie from the dreariness of the attic?

  • Question 11 of 15

    What does Sara want to name her doll at the beginning of the novel?

  • Question 12 of 15

    Who is Sara's "secret friend?"

  • Question 13 of 15

    Why doesn't the Large Family think Sara is a beggar?

  • Question 14 of 15

    Where is the boarding school Sara is sent to located?

  • Question 15 of 15

    Which is NOT a reason why Miss Minchin resents Sara?

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