The Ultimate
Don't Feed the Coos!
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Question 1 of 5

What type of birds are coos?

  • pigeons
  • seagulls
  • eagles
  • blue birds

Question 2 of 5

Where do the birds not accompany the little girl?

  • ballet
  • orchestra practice
  • the arcade
  • karate lessons

Question 3 of 5

Complete the quote: "And to thank you for feeding them, the coos _____"

  • will leave poos.
  • will help with your chores.
  • will follow you everywhere.
  • will never EVER leave you alone again.

Question 4 of 5

How does the little girl eventually get rid of the coos?

  • She helps them find a new person to follow.
  • She defeats them with Coo Spray.
  • She hides from them in her tree house.
  • She yells at them and they leave on their own.

Question 5 of 5

What does the little girl knit for the coos?

  • scarfs
  • hats
  • mittens
  • coats

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