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Question 1 of 18

How many days does one have to watch for the spirit to leave their dead loved one?

  • Four days
  • Three days
  • Two days
  • Three hours

Question 2 of 18

Who is Kira's mother?

  • Katrina
  • Vandara
  • Annabella
  • Jo

Question 3 of 18

What happened to Kira's father?

  • He was killed by wild beasts in a hunting accident
  • He was serving on the council of the guardians when he died
  • He was dragged off to the Field of the Living to die
  • He was killed by some angry men

Question 4 of 18

What is Kira's Father's name?

  • Christopher
  • Jamison
  • Jo
  • Matt

Question 5 of 18

Who lives in the Fen, where people are poor and dirty?

  • Matt
  • Jo
  • Jamison
  • Vandara

Question 6 of 18

What does Vandara want to do with the site of Kira's cot?

  • Build a pen for the tykes
  • Build her own cot
  • Build a safe house
  • Tear it down and grow a garden

Question 7 of 18

Why did the villagers want to leave Kira in the Field to die when she was born?

  • She was born with a lame leg
  • She was born with a lame arm
  • She was born with a lame hand
  • She was born with one leg

Question 8 of 18

How does Kira save her own life when the women come with stones to take her site?

  • She reminds that death is the penalty for taking a life without the council's approval
  • She hides in a secret spot she has near her cot site
  • She finds her mother's weapon and defeats the women
  • She shows them how capable she is with her hands

Question 9 of 18

Who defends Kira during her trial?

  • Jamison
  • Matt
  • The chief elder
  • The guardian

Question 10 of 18

What does Kira carry with her to remind her of her strengths?

  • A cloth
  • A pendant from her mother
  • An old purse of her mother's
  • A flower

Question 11 of 18

Where is Kira taken to live?

  • To the Council Edifice
  • To the Field of the Living
  • To remain at the site of her cot
  • To Jamison's house

Question 12 of 18

What is Kira really good at?

  • Weaving
  • Carving
  • Growing
  • Reading

Question 13 of 18

What is Kira supposed to fix?

  • The Singer's Robe
  • The Singer's Staff
  • The Guardian's Cloak
  • The Elder's Robe

Question 14 of 18

Who teaches Kira to dye the thread?

  • Annabella
  • Vandara
  • Thomas
  • Jamison

Question 15 of 18

Why is Jo at the Edifice?

  • She is being held against her will
  • She likes to be there becase it is clean
  • She wants to be with Kira
  • She followed Matt and his dog

Question 16 of 18

Where did Matt go on a quest?

  • To find blue for Kira
  • To the edifice to rescue Jo
  • To the Field of the Living
  • To find his dog Branch

Question 17 of 18

What does Kira do on the blank area of the robe?

  • She weaves her own design into it, instead of the councils
  • She leaves it blank
  • She makes it sloppy
  • She weaves a design the council wants her to

Question 18 of 18

Who does Kira discover is still alive?

  • Christopher
  • Katrina
  • Annabella
  • Thomas

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