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Question 1 of 7

Where are the two hares going when they begin their 'Guess How Much' game?

  • To Bed
  • To Play in the field
  • To find food
  • Home

Question 2 of 7

What is Little Nutbrown Hare holding onto when the book begins?

  • Big Nutbrown Hare's ears
  • Big Nutbrown Hare's hand
  • Big Nutbrown Hare's tail
  • Big Nutbrown Hare's foot

Question 3 of 7

What did Big Nutbrown Hare's ears touch when he hopped so high?

  • Tree branches
  • The sky
  • The moon
  • The ceiling

Question 4 of 7

According to the book, how long were Big Nutbrown Hare's ears?

  • Very long
  • Super long
  • As long as the road
  • As long as his tail

Question 5 of 7

What does Big Nutbrown Hare do when he says he loves Little Nutbrown Hare way up to his toes?

  • Swing him up over his head
  • Throw him high in the sky
  • Toss him up into the tree
  • Does a handstand on the tree

Question 6 of 7

When Little Nutbrown Hare looked beyond the thornbushes what did he see?

  • The Moon in the sky
  • A faraway tree
  • A river
  • Faraway hills

Question 7 of 7

What is Little Nutbrown Hare's bed made of?

  • Leaves
  • Hay
  • Warm dirt
  • Feathers

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