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If you give a Mouse a Cookie
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Question 1 of 7

What does the Mouse notice when he looks in the mirror?

  • That he needs a trim
  • That he has a milk mustache
  • That he has cookie crumbs on his face
  • That his face is purple

Question 2 of 7

What does the Mouse ask for to clean up after himself?

  • A broom
  • A mop
  • A rag
  • A toothbrush

Question 3 of 7

What does the Mouse do to make himself comfortable in his bed?

  • Fluff the pillow
  • Snuggle down into the covers
  • Put his PJ's on
  • Cuddle with a stuffed animal

Question 4 of 7

What does the Mouse want to do when he sees the pictures in the book?

  • Draw his own picture
  • Write a letter to the illustrator
  • Rip out the picture and put it on the fridge
  • Read another book

Question 5 of 7

What did the mouse use to sign his name?

  • A pen
  • A marker
  • A crayon
  • A colored pencil

Question 6 of 7

Where will the mouse rest when he is tired from cleaning?

  • a box
  • a sock drawer
  • the bathrub
  • a lunchbox

Question 7 of 7

What does the refrigerator remind the Mouse of?

  • that he's thirsty
  • that he's hungry
  • that he needs to go home
  • that he's tired

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