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Question 1 of 15

Which is true of Fantine's death?

  • Madeleine is arrested at her bedside
  • Javert kills her
  • she dies on the street
  • she dies in jail

Question 2 of 15

Why does Thenardier save Pontmercy's life?

  • it is on accident
  • to find a suitor for Eponine
  • because they are friends
  • so he can then ask for money

Question 3 of 15

Who is Cosette's biological father?

  • Tholomyes
  • Valjean
  • Thenardier
  • Fauchelevent

Question 4 of 15

Where is Fantine's hometown?

  • Montreuil
  • Paris
  • Toulouse
  • Lille

Question 5 of 15

Where do Valjean and Cosette find refuge in Paris?

  • a convent
  • a factory
  • a bread shop
  • a school for boys

Question 6 of 15

Who leads the construction of a barricade in front of the wine shop?

  • Enjolras
  • Marius
  • Gavroche
  • Valjean

Question 7 of 15

How does Valjean get the wounded Marius to safety?

  • through the sewer system
  • by climbing on the roofs
  • in disguise
  • in the back of a bread cart

Question 8 of 15

Why does Javert ultimately commit suicide?

  • he lets Valjean go free, and he can't forgive himself for the breach of duty
  • his superior finds out that Javert failed to arrest Valjean
  • he doesn't -- his death is an accident
  • he can't forgive himself for letting the rebels build the barricade

Question 9 of 15

Who does Valjean steal the coin from?

  • a chimney sweep
  • the bishop
  • Javert
  • Bamatabois

Question 10 of 15

Which is a name Valjean is known by in the book?

  • M. Leblanc
  • M. Enjolras
  • Pontmercy
  • M. Mabeuf

Question 11 of 15

What is Gavroche collecting when he is killed?

  • cartridge bags from dead soldiers
  • coin purses fallen from soldiers
  • eggs
  • shoes from dead soldiers

Question 12 of 15

Where does Marius first see Cosette?

  • at the Luxembourg Gardens
  • at the Gorbeau House
  • at the market
  • near Saint-Germain

Question 13 of 15

Why was Valjean originally arrested and jailed?

  • for stealing a loaf of bread
  • for kidnapping Cosette
  • for stealing a candelabra
  • for impersonating a merchant

Question 14 of 15

Why does Fantine lose her factory job?

  • because she has a daughter
  • because she is a prostitute
  • she fights with the other workers
  • she tries to create a union

Question 15 of 15

Why does Eponine help Marius find Cosette?

  • because she is in love with Marius
  • because Azelma told her to
  • because she wants to get Cosette in trouble with Valjean
  • because she wants money

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