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Question 1 of 16

What is Alina’s position in the First Army?

  • Cartographer
  • Geographic Technician
  • Civil Engineer
  • Photogrammetrist

Question 2 of 16

What creature attacks the sandskiff in the Shadow Fold?

  • Volcra
  • Varcolac
  • Vetala
  • Vilkacis

Question 3 of 16

Who are the Grisha?

  • People with abilities to control elements
  • People who have abandoned the First Army
  • Ordinary citizens disloyal to Ravka
  • People with abilities to control the fourth dimension

Question 4 of 16

What do they call Alina for her ability to manipulate light?

  • Sun Summoner
  • Light Bringer
  • Luminescence
  • Sun Bringer

Question 5 of 16

The Darkling uses what technique to save Alina from the Fjerda attack?

  • The Cut
  • The Slice
  • The Splint
  • The Clip

Question 6 of 16

Who is the Black Heretic?

  • The Darkling who accidentally created the Shadow Fold
  • A Grisha who singlehandedly destroyed the Second Army
  • The Darkling who killed the last Grisha who could summon light
  • A Grisha who created the Darkling

Question 7 of 16

Why is Alina's abilities important to Ravka?

  • She can heal the Shadow Fold
  • She has equal power to the Darkling
  • She can control all elements
  • She has the power to kill the Darkling

Question 8 of 16

Which of the following is NOT a type of Grisha?

  • Dihydralki
  • Corporalki
  • Etherealki
  • Materialki

Question 9 of 16

Which of the following characters is a living amplifier?

  • Baghra
  • Nadia
  • Ivan
  • Genya

Question 10 of 16

What creature is the Darkling searching for to create Alina an amplifier?

  • White stag
  • Velvet deer
  • White chital
  • Sambar deer

Question 11 of 16

Alina tells the Darkling she’d like a _________ kefta rather than black.

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Purple
  • White

Question 12 of 16

What gift does Botkin give Alina?

  • Knife made of Grisha steel
  • An amplifier
  • A sword made of Grisha steel
  • A poison-tipped dagger

Question 13 of 16

What does Alina make Mal promise while they are searching for the stag?

  • To kill her before the Darkling puts the amplifier on
  • To kill the Darkling when he comes for them
  • To lead the First Army against the Darkling
  • To leave Ravka and never return

Question 14 of 16

How do Alina and Mal buy passage across the sea?

  • Selling golden hairpins
  • Selling a silver bracelet
  • Selling thread from her kefta
  • Selling Mal’s rifle

Question 15 of 16

Which of the following ambassadors were NOT on the sandskiff for the Darklings demonstration of power?

  • Keramzin
  • Fjerda
  • Shu Han
  • Kerch

Question 16 of 16

What is the amplifier crafted for Alina?

  • Antler necklace
  • Mink bangle
  • Bear claws necklace
  • Owl claws pendant

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