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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
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Question 1 of 6

What does Jim wear around his neck?

  • A five cent piece
  • A bear tooth
  • A wedding ring
  • A pearl

Question 2 of 6

What does Tom name his band of robbers?

  • Tom Sawyer's Gang
  • Tommy's Robbers
  • Tom Sawyer's Robbers
  • Tommy's Gang

Question 3 of 6

What item does Jim possess that he claims possesses magical powers?

  • A giant hairball
  • A small, faded coin
  • An old woman's shoe
  • A broken mirror

Question 4 of 6

Who adopted Huck?

  • Widow Douglas
  • Miss Watson
  • Jim
  • Tom's parents

Question 5 of 6

What is Widow Douglas doing when Huck says she is "grumbling"?

  • Praying over food
  • Nagging him
  • Talking in her sleep
  • Complaining about the neighbors

Question 6 of 6

Before Huck sells his fortune, where is it being stored?

  • In the bank
  • Buried outside his house
  • At Tom's house
  • In the cupboard

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